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Where is your digital life

90% of your most confidential and sensitive content is stored in a digital form. Whether synced messages, photos on social media, emails or credit cards are somewhere in the cloud or on your PC.

Let Mysecuritypoint products help you distinguish between the good and the bad of the digital world.

Hear it from our users

I can not believe an official government web site would contain malicious code! Thanks for stopping me going there!

IDoes exactly what it says. Installed for me and my elderly mom as well.

This helped me see what was safe and what wasn't. A lot of my bookmarks were not safe so this helped me.

it protected me from very dangerous sites before i could do something id regret.

protected me from going to malicious site.

Keep your online activity safe and private!

The Security Point app protects you from

Malicious sites that can lead to your personal information being stolen
Spam Pages
Pages that contain intrusive ads and pop-ups
Fraudulent sites designed to take advantage of you through misinformation and scaretatics

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the apps under the Mysecuritypoint are free of charge and can be found in the Chrome Web Store.
We choose to partner with trusted search providers (this can be Yahoo\Bing\Google), in order to sustain and support the Mysecuritypoint. Mysecuritypoint will use a partner Search engine to provide results for the search functionality and in return, the search engine will share some of its ad-revenue with Mysecuritypoint. This model keeps the products free.
The Mysecuritypoint Engine protects you from bad pages and domains. Mysecuritypoint products can never protect you against 100% from the threats so we try to stop you from reaching those pages even before - by blocking or warning against keywords that may lead to bad sites. For this, we partner with Search engines that we consider both private and agree to implement this functionality as well.
A block page indicates that we have detected an unsafe activity in the website you have tried to access and this is our attempt at letting you know of that fact before you put yourself in harm's way. If you still choose to proceed to the website in the question, click the "Proceed anyway" button.